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Claudia Rossi

Profession: Porn Star
Country of Origin: Slovakia Slovakia
Place of Birth: Myjava, Slovakia
Date of Birth: April 13, 1983
Aliases: Claudia Possi, Veronika K., Anett Stromberg, Claudia R., Claudia Rossie, Veronika O., Veronika K, Verunka Ba., Sabrina White
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 34B-25-35
Fake Boobs: No !!!!!!
Career Status: Retired
Career Start And End 2003 - 2010 (7 Years In The Business)
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: None  - Piercings: None

2007 AVN Award nomination for Female Foreign Performer of the Year.
2009 AVN Award nomination for Female Foreign Performer of the Year.

Claudia Rossi, born (April 13, 1983 in the former Czechoslovakia), is a Slovak pornographic actress. Her birth name is Veronika Kozikova Claudia Rossi is a Central European adult porn actress who began appearing in adult movies in 2003 in America. She has appeared in over 300 films in her career. Rossi has been nominated several times for AVN Awards, including a nomination for Female Foreign Performer of the Year in 2007. In her free time she likes horseback riding, going to the gym and reading. Rossi writes in her own personal blog about her life and loves which include her dog and going horse riding on her own horse with her friend and fellow porn star, Barbara.

Claudia Rossi is featured in 300 films as well as many more exclusive shoots for Websites and magazines. She admits to being a wild, horny and open-minded girl. She loves to have sex even when she's off camera. During her first year in the adult industry Claudia starred in feature films in a variety of niches including anal, interracial, hardcore, orgy, young and European.

Claudia Rossi stands at 5’5 and weighs 110lbs. Claudia’s fans love her slender frame and her 34B-25-35 figure. Claudia does not currently have implants, tattoos or piercings of any kind. Claudia was nominated in 2007 and 2009 both for the female foreign performer of the year award.

During her adult career Claudia Rossi has worked for a wide number of big name adult studios including Hustler, Digital Sin, New Sensations, Wicked, Playhouse and Adam and Eve. Claudia has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big name stars in the industry including Monica Mayhem, Evan Stone, Sunny Lane, and Tommy Gunn. Adult Movie Awards

Her astrological sign is an Aries and Arians are said to have high sex drives. Which is very evident in all of Claudia's scenes! You can see her in everything from solo and lesbian scenes to anal and double penetration scenes! You won't be hard pressed to find her scenes, she started in the business in 2003 and has done close to 300 titles to date! She has a beautiful face along with a sexy accent! 

She loves a huge dildo in her pussy and in her ass. Claudia had never been fucked in the ass until she got into porn. She always thought it would hurt, now she knows how much fun it is and how good the orgasms are she love it. Even if there's no guy around a dildo in her tight butt will do the trick.

In her free time she likes horseback riding, going to the gym and reading. Rossi writes in her own personal blog about her life and loves, which include her dog and going horse riding on her own horse with her friend and fellow porn star, Barbara.

From Adult Video Magazine :
"Claudia Rossi is just about the hottest, sexiest woman you can imagine. She absolutely defines the word steaming as she's just perfect in every respect. Physically she's got long very dark hair, an amazing ass, some nice pubic hair on her mound, and an incredible pale tan skin which is almost flawless. Her orgasmic contractions are spectacular and each time she cums she's lost to the world for several minutes. In fact her contractions each time are like a burst of machine gun fire - rapid and sharp and strong. This has to be one of our hottest videos ever. "

"European porn chicks excel at the art of the double penetration. Perhaps it's because of their naturally uninhibited personalities, maybe it's cultural, or maybe they have reputations as the nastiest babes on the face of the Earth to uphold; regardless, no one can DP like a European female. Claudia is in this video are prime examples of such classic Euro porn babes suffering from an incurable case of DP Fever. Commanding beauty and three willing holes, just what the doctor ordered! "

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Critic of "The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Claudia Rossi #2"

Claudia Rossi is quickly becoming one of our most popular, fastest selling new-cummers of all times. It is not a surprise at all – she’s a beautiful, sexy brunette and her orgasms are strong, clear and perfectly visible.

Claudia is lounging on the bed wearing a pair of comfy grey sweat pants and a pink t-shirt. The t-shirt is removed so we get a glimpse of her lovely, natural breasts. Claudia kneels on the bed to remove her sweatpants – she’s not wearing panties! Her cooch lips are shaved, but her mound is hairy. Claudia rubs her clitoris, grasping a breast and fingers her pussy, occasionally moistening her fingers and licking them. After a bit, she reaches for the little pink smoothie vibe and uses that to buzz her clitoris. Occasionally, she inserts the vibe into her vagina, too. With one hand spreading her lips as the other works the toy, Claudia rocks her hips up and down, panting just a bit, until she is cumming strong and hard – her perineum is completely pulling up around her pussy and her clit is so sensitive afterwards. Claudia fingers her pussy and licks her juices off, then sits up and pulls-on her sweat pants before blowing a little kiss at the camera.

Claudia is outside on a table with her skirt up, so we can glimpse a pair of very sexy panties. She is wearing black high-heels, too. Claudia pulls the top down, exposing her beautiful breasts and plays with her pussy through the panties. Then, she removes her panties and rubs her pussy with her hand and fingers. Claudia gets herself pretty worked up with her hand massage and then reaches for a little pocket rocket. I can’t help but notice that her nipples respond immediately. Claudia pulls herself up at her shoulders so that her head is lifted as she continues to really enjoy the little pocket rocket. Claudia begins to twitch and shake just as the orgasmic contractions happen, too. It’s another really nice, really visible orgasm.

Claudia is wearing a sexy pink colored nightie and panties in the bedroom. She pulls down the top of the nightie, exposing her breasts and lifts the bottom so we catch a glimpse of her pussy through the pretty panties. After a little rubbing the panties are removed. Then, the long red vibe comes out and is used on her clitoris and inserted into her pussy. Once Claudia gets going with the vibe, it really doesn’t take her very long at all. She works the toy in small tight circles on her clitoris, begins to pant and breathe a bit heavily, rocks her hips up, then pulls the toy away – prolonging the niceties! The toy goes back on her clitoris, she starts to quiver and shake once more, then she lets out a big deep breathe and her pussy contractions take a hold. Claudia savours the orgasm for a few moments, then pulls her top back up and blows a little kiss to the camera.

Claudia is back in the bedroom wearing a sexy, black, opaque, lingerie set this time. Claudia pulls the crotch of the panties between her pussy lips, then pulls the top down to stimulate and enjoy her nipples. Claudia lightly pulls them and tweaks them between her fingers. Then, Claudia just has to take off her panties to play with and stroke her pussy and clitoris. She inserts two fingers into her pussy and fingers herself with a bit. Claudia likes to cum with toys, though, so she reaches for a black vibe and inserts that deep into her pussy. I like the way her nipples get hard and react to the sensations. It doesn’t take long at all and with the tip of the toy buzzing directly on her clitoris, Claudia cums. And even when she pulls away the toy and presses on her clitoris with her hand, her contractions are still strong and visible! Claudia gently rubs her pussy and then pulls on her panties. She sits up on the bed and pulls up her top, then stands up to walk out of the room.

Claudia is wearing a short jean skirt and a yellow tank top and lounging on the bed playing with her breasts and nipples. Claudia lifts the skirt and we see her white panties – the crotch is quite wet! Claudia pulls down the tank top, fanning her hair across the bed and enjoying her nipples. Then she dips her hand down to her panties and rubs and fingers her pussy before lifting her legs and removing her panties completely. She places the panties between her legs for a rub and then places them in her mouth before discarding them beside her on the bed. She moistens her fingers and rubs her pussy and clitoris. She rubs around and around on her clitoris – very slowly at first, then harder and faster. After a few minutes, Claudia starts playing with a g-spot stimulator vibe. She inserts the toy into her pussy, rocking up and down on it. Then, she turns it on and pulls it in and out of her pussy – sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. She keeps the toy inside of her, then moistens her fingers and rubs her clitoris. Claudia removes the vibe from her pussy, then uses it to vibe her clitoris. Claudia continues using the toy on her clitoris and spreads her legs a bit wider apart. She starts to breathe heavily, rocking her hips up and down and just when I think she is going to cum (she may have had a mini one, I’m not really sure), she takes the toy off her clitoris and inserts into her pussy instead. Claudia licks her fingers and rubs her pussy, then puts the toy back between her legs, stimulating her clitoris. Panting and rocking her hips up and down on the toy, Claudia has an orgasm – not quite as strong as the others, but panting and minor contractions, nonetheless. Claudia continues to use the vibe, sort of on the side of clitoris and I think she may even manage to have one more mini-orgasm. She pants and breasts heavily and her clitoris is sensitive to touch after that one, too. Claudia sits up and pulls her clothes back on, blowing a little kiss to the camera.


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